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    Derived sketch Vs. Convert entities

    Eyal Siryon

      I need your thoughts about the following issue.

      we have a skeleton with several sketches that defines the working area in an assembly.

      those sketches are hand made sometimes and sometimes they drawn from intersection with an existing part in the assembly.


      each user take some of those sketches to his sub assembly or part and works around it.


      up to recently we have used convert entities from the main sketch into the local sub assembly sketch and than using it to create the part.

      it gave us the confidence that the sketch segments are fully defined and placed. on the other hand it causes a lot of connections between the sketches.


      I have tried to use the idea of derived sketch as a connection to the main assembly sketches.

      it seems to be working off the load, because it is only one connection per sketch.

      also if a sketch segment in the main layout was deleted it updates perfectly with out errors (in the convert entities it sometime gives error, depends on the segment converted)

      on the other hand you have to manually fix the derived sketch into location, because it floats as one unit.


      another issue is sketch fillets.

      if the main sketch contains many fillets (because of intersection for example) in the convert method you may not convert it. in the derive method you are forced and it might cause a longer rebuild time and lower performance.


      which do you is better.

      Please share your thoughts.


      Best regards,

      Eyal siryon.

      SolidWorks CAD IT manager.

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          Angela Crawford

          A couple of things that come to mind:


          A derived sketch has the advantage of being able to be positioned and moved around.  It can also be on a plane that's at an angle to the original sketch, and the derived sketch won't be skewed.  However, with the convert entities method, you can pick and choose what sketch segments to convert if for some reason you didn't need the entire sketch.


          So, I guess to answer which one I think is "better"...it depends.  I've used both, depending on what specifically I need it to do.

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            Paul Passarelli

            I have the same question.  It seems to me that that the derived sketch should have advantages... however the inability to derive from more than one context is often infuriating, astpcially when I've followed the advice of moving parts into assemblies.


            It seems like SW has goe to lengths to *prevent* the creations of unified designs.