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mates becoming suppressed in vault

Question asked by 1-G7QGY2 on Jul 21, 2009



I've just had brought to my attention a problem we are having with assemblies. I make assemblies with two major configurations - assembled and exploded. For our last major design we have pulled the assemblies from the vault for final check before release have have found some mates suppressed in the assembly configuration and all mates suppressed in the exploded config. No one has been changing model faces and no one has been supressing unsupressing in the assembly.


Today I added  a mate in a subassembly. I confirmed that the mate was unsupressed in both configurations. The check pulled it from the vault and confirmed it as well. This subassy loaded with the major assembly whose mates I checked. These are loaded from the vault not my C drive. I openned the subassy and the mate added today was supressed in the exploded config.


My VAR checked and the Developers notes had the question - "how do I keep SW from supressing mates in an assembly?" - basically this problem.


Has anyone experienced this and found a solution?


Thank you.