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    templates not showing up

      when i try and create a drawing, i have no templates to pick from.  they are all grayed out.  i decided to look into it since i'm now needing to use them, and they don't even show up in my templates folder.  i browsed the dvd to see if i could find them but i have no idea where they are located.  can anyone tell me where to find these?  thanks.

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          Charles Culp

          Templates are typically in your:


          C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2009\templates


          Also, if you have upgraded from an earlier version, look in those folders. Sometimes SW will still be linking to the 2008, or 2007 folder.


          And if all else fails, just do a search on your computer for *.prtdot or *.asmdot or *.drwdot

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              i looked in the folder and there were three files there with the extensions that you mentioned (*.prtdot or *.asmdot and *.drwdot).  shouldn't there be multiple files (one for each sheet)?  it just seems wrong.  i upgraded from solidworks 2008 but deleted all of it, so there is no folder left behind. 
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              Rob Jensen

              what does your file locations say? (tools, options, file locations, document templates)


              is this blank?

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                  C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\templates


                  those same three files that i talked about above are what's in that folder...

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                      David Heinemeyer
                      I'm making a guess that you are just starting and didn't have templates or sheet formats set up before.  The files you listed are the default templates that come with SolidWorks unless they have been modified by you.  The default drawing template, Drawing.drwdot, does not have a border or title block.  These are found in different files called Sheet Format files which have the extension ".slddrt" and are found in different folders from the templates.  When you select the drwdot file when creating a drawing you should be prompted for a sheet format.  Check in "Tools" > "Options" > "System options" > "File locations" for Sheet Formats to see where SolidWorks thinks they are and then look using Windows Explorer to confirm there presence or search for them if the file location is blank.  If SolidWorks is looking in the wrong locations you will need to change where SW looks in the "File Locations" dialog to reflect the correct locations.   Once you have inserted a sheet format into a drawing template you can save the template with the name of your choice which will already contain the sheet format the next time you use it.  I hope I'm not too far off base with this and that you will find this of some help.
                  • Careful with older templates
                    Jeff Mowry

                    If you do find your older templates are being referenced, make certain you copy them into the new default directory.  Imagine making a change to one of your old templates in a new version of software.  This will destroy your template in the older version of software ("future version") and you'll have to recreate them manually all over again in the older version of software.


                    As Rob said, make sure your options are pointing to your current template directory (in each version of SolidWorks you're using) within the Options.