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    Solidworks to 3DS

      I go through Rhino to do this.
      You can try STL and add a free plug-in in Max to open it. The results are not as good because there is no facet normal info in the STL; you have to smooth it in Max.
        • Solidworks to 3DS
          Hey there,

          Is there any reasonable way to get a Solidworks part-model in 3DS format?

          I have tried saving it as an IGES file, importing it into 3DS Max and then saving it into *.3DS, but when I import the IGES file into 3DS MAX the model becomes different from the originel - surfaces are missing etc.

          Anyone have a clue how to solve this?

          • Solidworks to 3DS
            For the Best Results:
            1. From Solidworks save your part as a "STL" file
            2. Import the STL file in max.
            - If you have small parts or fine features on your part change the "Auto-Smooth" Angle. if set to "30.0" (default setting) try half "15.0"

            • Solidworks to 3DS
              If you're willing to spend some money, VIZUP gets pretty good results...and I don't remember the name of it, but there's plugin specifically for converting solidworks assemblies to max. If it's not too impolitic to say it, the best results I ever had was from dropping a solidworks model to step, importing step into inventor (as an assembly) and then importing the Inventor assembly into max (fee plugin from Autodesk) The models look really good, were very lightweight (mesh objects), I had no problems with surface normals, and the big benefits: the components were all named in max and identical components were all instanced instead of cloned.
              On the down side, I had to recreate all of the mates as IK.