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Bizzare SW behaviour

Question asked by 1-KYY0V6 on Jul 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2009 by Gary Garrison

OK I will start from describing the hardware system: Intel i7920, 12Gb RAM, Quadro FX3700, Vista Ultimate x64bit, SW 2009 SP3. The machine runs a keyboard and a mouse through a KVM switch. Everything works fine (including other 3D applications) - this is what happens everytime I start SW:


- On the first start it freezes if I attempt to click on any of the top menues or icons

- After the restart SW runs fine - however - the first click on any of the menu options (drop or floating menues) produces a ghost image of that menu option that stays on the sreen

- If I try to use KVW switch - going out and back on my workstation freezes my mouse (but not the keyboard) - this is only happening if I had SW running in that log in session.

- The only way around this is to log out and back in


Anna suggested this (in the google forum):


"For your SW freeze on first open go to Start >  Control Panel >  Ease
of Access Center > Make keyboard easier to use > and check the box by
Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys. "


I will give it a go today but can this solve the issues with the KVM switch as well? It looks to me like a graphics problem (I tried 3 or 4 different drivers already - SW certified ones and all others).


I am not using IE8 or outlook.