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Common Issues from the engineers

Question asked by Marc Clayton on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2010 by Andy Sanders

Here is some common issues that i hear from the Engineers. I have these on about 3 users out of 12 not on all but a mix match between them. My users running 64 bit no problems. The systems they are using are 32 bit xp T3400's. Rx has not listed anything that is useful and event viewer is not posting anything that can give me answeres.



1> Missing parts in lightweight assemblies

Description: Parts are in the tree and are not hidden or suppressed.  They are not visible until assembly is resolved.

2> Solidworks hesitates or pauses

Description: Solidworks will hesitate or pause for a few seconds.  Seems to happen when adding a new part to an assembly or when selecting an existing part.


3> Solidworks crashes when trying to reload part

4> Solidworks crashes when trying to open a part within an assembly

Description: Right-click on a part within an assembly and and choose to open. A work-around that seems to help is to resolve the assembly first and then open the part.

5>Solidworks crashed when suppressing a part.  Also, after editing a part and retuning to the assembly the edited part will not show up until it is either suppressed or unsuppressed or until another part is edited, at which point the newly edited part will not show up.