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    Detail View in 2009-64 bit ;sp4

    John Kreutzberger

      I just had occasion to create my first drawing since applying sp4. (I only have a few customers left who require a drawing.)


      I alreeady had 2 plan views of my mold design and 2 section views and wanted to show a detail view from one of the sections. This is something I do quite a bit-as I am sure a lot of you do. I created my circle in the section view and clickd on the detail view icon. Then when I went to place the detail view things got strange. Rather than showing just the area within the circle-SW was showing the entire section view. I backed out and deleted the circle and tried again. Same thing again. Therefore I decided to try a third time but before clicking the detail view icon again, I panned way out so I could place the view outside the sheet format-just to see what I would get.Well I did not get the entire view-even though that is what was shown in the preview. I just got the view label with the actual view nowhere to be seen. I deleted the empty detail view from the feature tree including the circle. Then before trying again-I set my drawing properties for the correct view label letter. The 4th time I tried-everything worked as expected although I didn't do anything differently. Unfortunately I now cannot re-create the odd behaivior that I describe above.


      Has anyone else seen this?