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Flow Simulation crashes and data loss

Question asked by 1-1NHKU5 on Jul 18, 2009
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Yuan Ding

SW2009, all service packs.

Vista 64

i7 2.6GHz

12 GB memory

Brand new machine.  New fresh install.  No antivirus installed.

The only apps installed prior to SW were Office and Acrobat.


I've been tracking this since SW2007 on XP Pro 32 on three different machine.


In general terms, Flow Simulation (then FloWorks) makes SW unstable and crash-prone.  In XP32 the biggest issue seemed to be memory fragmentation.  As problems get a little complex and you need more cells all bets are off and memory fragmentation rears its ugly head.


Most of the work we do requires the simulation of parametrically driven assemblies.  A design table at the top level assy drives various features in the underlying parts.  For example, if you are simulating a heatsink you might make the fin count, thickness, length, height, baseplate thickness, ducting geometry, inlet and outlet geometry and other features table driven.


We also like to setup batch runs of 10, 20, 30 or 40 cases to run either overnight, over a weekend or during the week.


We were told that the 64 bit system would solve all our problems...hence the time, effort and expense to build a new one.  Almost nothing changed.


This is what we've seen (not an exhaustive list):


Memory management is broken.  If you repeatedly open and close a SW file with, say, a single flow simulation, load the results, and then immediately exit  --In other words, do nothing-- you can watch available memory shrink by tens of megabytes at a time.


After running a batch of just a few cases is is almost guaranteed that SW will become unstable and crash without warning.


SW will allow you to edit your design table, add configurations, clone Flow projects to the new configurations and SAVE everything....and then crash and loose every bit of work you've done.


Batch processing seems to randomize the list of available studies making it just about impossible to manage new runs without a ton of work.


Program hangs repeatedly, with "(not responding)" being shown on the title bar



There's more detail, but I'll spare you the agony.  Just this Friday I personally spent three hours setting-up a batch run for the weekend.  I rebuilt every single configuration and SAVED after every rebuild.  This is very time consuming.  Well, it crashed and lost all the work.  Every single configuration was gone.


Before anyone suggests installation or hardware issues, please note that this behaviour has been seen and documented to various degrees across three hardware platforms and two operating systems.  It'd be hard to imagine how all three systems and two OS's could have problems.


My VAR is in over their head with this.  I am not sure that anyone cares to address the issues based on the responses I am getting.  As a sanity check, I'd like to learn if any of you are suffering with similar FloWorks/Flow Simulation problems.