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    Linking Dwg. NO.

    Phil Stout

      Is there a way to link the drawing number from the first sheet to any addional sheets that are added to a drawing?





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          Josh Krumheuer
          Link the drawing number to a custom property value.  Then all you have to do is type in the custom property value once.  Don't forget to make this change to your templates.  Our title blocks here are all filled out completely by custom properties.  There is no editing of the sheet format required.
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            Josh Brady

            That depends.  How is the drawing number generated on the first page?  Linked to a part property?  Manually entered in a note?  Is it on the sheet format?  Need some more detail.


            If all you want is to link a note to another note, it's sort of not possible.  Well it is, but it's not practical or supported.  What is supported is linking note text to a balloon.  So, one solution might be to create your part number on the first page as a balloon with custom text and no border.  The balloon can even be linked to some custom property value.  Then, your other pages have a note that is linked to that balloon.  You would have to create the note and link it on the first page, then cut/paste it onto the other page.

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              Megan Fannon


              First you'll want to set up a file property for your drawing number.  Go to "File" menu -> "Properties."  On the "Custom" tab, add Drawing Number as a property with the appropriate value. Click OK.


              Next, make a note on your drawing sheet.  Click the "Link to Property" button over in the FeatureManager (in the Text Format section). In the dialog box, choose the property you are interested in.


              Repeat note insertion (or copy and paste your note) for all sheets.


              There are some nuances about using properties from the current document vs. the model shown in the drawing, but that's the basic method.  We have our sheet formats set up with the title block having property links already so the engineer/designer doesn't have to worry about it.  In fact, our properties are also controlled by our PDM system, but you can certainly create them manually as well.



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                Josh Mings

                Phil, I use this property in my title block $PRP:"SW-File Name"


                My file names are alway the drawing number.