Derek Hopkins

Control revisions of drawings and 3D models separately???

Discussion created by Derek Hopkins on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by Joy Garon

Has anyone ever had the need to control revisions of their drawings and 3D models separately in Enterprise?  We are considering this for a few different reasons.  I wanted to see if anyone has ever done this and what your experience was with it if you did.


For this we are considering placing 2 revision levels on the print…  One for the drawing and one for the 3d model.


Drawings sometimes need to be revised to update misspelled words or maybe you have a witness line crossing through another dimension.  There is no need to update the model in this case.  If we updated the model then that means we need to update the models upstream that reference this file so they are referencing the latest revision.  So only updating the print would increment the print revision and we can stop there, no other documents need to be revised.  In this case you would increment the drawing revision to A and leave the model revision at 0.


Also, our 3D models are used by manufacturing to create CNC files.  Having a revision tied to the model would help them decide if they needed to update their CNC programs.  If the drawing revision was incremented but not the model revision then they would not need to update anything in their program.  If the model revision was updated then that would be a clear sign they need to address it.  Any time we would update the 3D model we would also update the drawing revision with it.  So in case of the model being revised the drawing and model revisions would both be bumped up to A.


Any feedback on this or how you currently handle revisions would be appreciated.