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      Paul: I am not good at surface modelling, but could you tell me is there any difference if the profile and path swapped in this feature? After I do so, the surface is not splited.
        • Surface-sweep-splits-FUBAR-SW-05-06-07.zip
          You're right, thanks for checking, MY FUBAR!!
          I screwed up and apologize for this! I can not believe it!!
          I was getting so frustrated with 2007 and I was trying to do very simple sweeps for verify what I was seeing,.. this one,.. obviously, is not it and I screwed up by jumping to a conclusion!
          • Surface-sweep-splits-FUBAR-SW-05-06-07.zip
            Surface support engineers..... see the attached zip showing 3 files from SW2005sp5, SW2006sp4 and SW2007sp0.

            Just found this FUBAR, this sweep should NOT split the face (prolile) along the path.

            These all show how the surface sweep splits the face (profile) along the path.

            "IF", you guys tell me this is normal? I would suggest, personally, it be fixed ASAP because this %$!

            Kind Regards, your friendly paying BETA tester of (so called) RELEASED and tested software,
            Paul Salvador, zxys.com