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Changing states and permission...

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2009 by Joy Garon

We are having issues with permissions when files change states.

Our workflow goes as follows:  Eng Design --> MFG --> Released (if all is good)

                                                                      or   --> Eng Design (if changes required)   keeps repeating until Released.


When in Eng design state, Engineer has full permission to modify, delete, move file etc.  Once design is complete, file is pushed to MFG state.  Full permissions are granted to MFG, Engineers only have read permissions.  MFG determines changes needed and changes state back to Eng Design.  Engineer regains full permissions.  At this time Engineer determines design is bad and proceeds to start over.  Engineer wants to Delete part.  EPDM states 'Lacks Permissions'.


It appears EPDM will not allow Engineers to delete file due to not having delete permissions during all states.  This does not seem correct to me.  I would think ALL permissions should be based on current state only and not previous states or history, thus I should not see this 'Lacks Permission' warning.  Only Administrator can delete once it has gone through various states.


This scenario only seems to affect the ability to DELETE, all other permissions seem to be working.


Anyone seeing similarity?  Any option/setting needing changed in EPDM?


Currently using EPDM 2008.


Thanks, Tim...