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    file in wrong workflow

    Josh Hunsberger
      Somehow we have some files in the wrong workflow.  is workflow links the way to get them to the right work flow?  if not how is this done, moving files from one workflow to another.  Please help any input would be appreciated.
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          Joy Garon

          Hi Josh -


          Well, it depends. First question: have you figured out how they got in the wrong workflow and corrected it? (check conditions, categories, etc)

          Next question: does it matter if the history reflects that the files were in the wrong workflow? If no, then you can use New Workflow Link to transition a document from one workflow to a specific state in the desired workflow. If yes, then copy the files to a location outside the vault, destroy the ones in the vault and check them in again (making sure they go into the correct workflow).

          Your VAR should be able to provide you some guidance.