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Simulation options for a bolt that is Press fit and has Torque applied to it

Question asked by Poovaiah Devenira on Jul 15, 2009


I plan to simulate a bolt connection between two steel plates.

The Assembly is as below

Two plates are place one above the other.

The Bolts used are machined and have Dia. of 1.5002 in.

The holes have a diameter of 1.4995 in.

The bolts are press fit into the holes and a Torque of 1250 lb-ft is applied on the bolts.

I would like to know which is the most efficient and accurate way to simulate this

  1. Used the bolt  connection, contact condition, apply the required torque, model the hole to 1.4995 in diameter and set the diameter of the bolt as 1.5002 in. at the contact connection set up.
  1. Model the bolts and used the press fit contact condition, Apply temperature difference to simulate the Torque.

Thank you