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Motion Study sucks the life out of PC

Question asked by 1-HEG8G0 on Jul 15, 2009
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I've been using Solidworks for about a year now and though I might start to create some animations to use as client presentations. My assemblies are not big about 20 / 30 parts and I thought my machine was a reasonable spec. In Model space work flow is smooth and fine using about 350MB RAM on the solidworks process. The motion study has previously been created and about 20sec long. As soon as I click on the Motion study tab (the only one) the mem usage jumps to 600MB. If I then scroll the vertical time line left or right it lags about 5-10 seconds behind the pointer, if I do this a few time the mem usage goes to 1,000MB used. This is without even editing anything just scrolling. Finally the machine becomes so overwhelmed the app will lock out and freeze. It’s interesting to know the processor usage does not max out during all of this, so I don't now where the bottle neck is.


If I try the same experiment on win-7 64bit (I know its not supported !) with 8GB RAM the same thing eventually happens, but I manage to max the solidworks process at 7500MB RAM used.


I have copied the files to the local hard drive to remove network issues, reduced the detail in the options, and turned on & off real view, but nothing helps


Our supplier has run a test on the Pack & Go files and they ran fine on there XP64 machine, so it must be an issue with my setup and was hoping to find out if anyone else had seen similar issues ?


PC Spec

Solidworks 2009 SP3

Windows Vista SP1 32bit / Dual boot Win-7 x64 RC1

Intel Duo 3.33GHz 4GB / 8GB RAM

Nvidia FX1700, Driver

Dual Monitor

DELL 2408WFP @ 1920 x 1200

Viewsonic VP201b @ 1200 x 1600 (Portrait)

RAID 0 Raptor Main + separate virtual mem drive