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Factor of Safety (FOS) limited to 100

Question asked by Bill Eaton on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2009 by Jose Eduardo Fernandes de Camargo

CosmosWorks (and now Simulation) has always thresholded FOS plots to 100. So for a very safe part/assembly, everything comes out blue. I can see why someone might say "why do you care?" The answer is, I'm tired of explaining this behavior to people not familiar with the idiosyncrasies of Simulation. And my use model cannot be unique. I am the only finite element analyst in my organization and I am always presenting my results to people unfamiliar with Simulation. I don't want to continuosly educate everyone, and they're not that interested in being educated.


I suppose there are workarounds. I could scale back the loads to the point where I get some color back in my plots. But then I'm back to the same problem: explaining  things.


A far better solution would be for me to have plots that aren't thresholded to an arbritray FOS of 100. Sure, anything above 100 is a little ridiculous. But so what? Why not give me the freedom to plot it and keep my customers happy?