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    Fill Surface

    Kevin De Smet
      I love the selection manager, it beats doing a lot of additional work setting up separate sketches just to get "that line you wanna use" when doing a loft or boundary.

      Can we get one for Fill too?
      I'm sure if it were easy it'd be in there, I'm wondering what the underlying technical reasons are and if it could someday make it in.
        • Fill Surface
          Matt Lombard
          boundary and loft have separate selection sets that you have to make. fill only has a single selection set, so it doesn't need it. If you're talking about the loop selection options, those are available on the RMB. Open loops, partial loops, select tangency are the main ones you need to be able to work with.
          • Fill Surface
            Kevin De Smet
            Excellent! "start contour selection" is what I was looking for, though it doesn't seem to allow me to select a single entity if there is contact with other entities it's definitely something to like.

            In this example I want to select the area I colored in cyan using an image editing software, and you can see from the orange that even with contour select I can't grab that individual entity I need.

            In selection manager terms, it allows me to select an open loop but not a group.

            P.S. The model isn't mine, so I don't take credit for the model nor do I say this fill is a good idea but it does demonstrate my issue.