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    CSWP-Surfacing Sample Exam

      Been working with Solidworks since 2000 and mainly design solid components, sheet metal, and weldments. I'm relatively new when it comes to working with surfaces but have completed the SW tutorial and messed around with some of the files from the "Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Book" The sample exam asks to create a side surface either using Swept Surface or Surface Fill and states the side surface should follow the contour of the "footprint" in sketch picture. I'm attempting to use swept surface but can not get the lower profile to use as a guide curve. The 3 deg plane was no problem. If someone could explain how to do this using swept surface it would be greatly appreciated. And if it isnt too much to ask, how would one go about creating this surface using surface fill. Thanks in advance.

      The exam can be downloaded from this link.

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          Josh Krumheuer

          I've attached the sample model from the exam.  This is how I created it and it resulted in all correct answers on the sample test.  I'm pretty new to surfacing, haven't really messed with it too much other than the tutorials and sample test.

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              Thanks for the file Josh.  The way you created the model is how I attempted to create it as well.  Did you just manually trace the lower line on the inserted sketch using a spline?  I figured there was someway to automatically copy the line using a command like auto trace, instead of creating it manually.  I was afraid that if the line wasnt exactly correct it would throw off the area calculation.  Guess in this situation the simpler and most obvious way to create something is better.  Thanks again.
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                  Josh Krumheuer
                  Yeah, I just did a manual trace using a spline.  Im still learning surfacing but I think that's the intended way to do it.  With the tolerance they give you on the answers they allow you to be slightly off.
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                      Chris Kamery
                      I also did a manual trace with a spline. With a little practice with splines you can get pretty close. I agree with the above post that the test is much harder. I just took it over the weekend and missed passing by 10 points. Simply, I ran out of time. Given another 10 - 15 mins and I would have passed. The sample exam gives you a small taste for what will be on the exam. It also came to mind that anyone with a slower computer may also have time problems as I had to wait at times for models to rebuild.
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                          Dale Dunn

                          It turns out that just sweeping with a constant 3° "draft" will result in the correct answer as well. The wording of the test led me to believe that I was supposed to use the automated image trace, but an hour or so of monkeying with that was a waste of time. It never produced anything useable.


                          I haven't taken the actual test yet.

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                        Jerry Steiger



                        I didn't look at the exam, but couldn't you use the Fit Spline tool to generate the spline?

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                      The CSWP-Surfacing exam is quite hard for me as I do not use these tools everyday.

                      I failed in the first attempt.


                      The actual exam is much difficult than what you see in the sample exam, so please be mentally prepared...

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                          Thats what I figured after working through the sheet metal sample exam and then taking the actual test.  I felt confident with that test since we work with sheetmetal all the time.  Now I'm like you and dont have much experience with surfaces.  Hopefully I can learn a thing or two tonight at my Solidworks User Group meeting.
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                            Kevin De Smet
                            It's not an easy exam, especially the first assignment is difficult because you still need to get into the "flow" at that point. Oddly enough I passed the surfacing exam with plenty to spare but I failed the core exam miserably. That's like - reverso world!
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                                Matt Lombard


                                Same here. I'm convinced that's justa difference in test writing. The ealier tests really stunk. The later ones are improving.

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                                    Deepak Gupta
                                    I'm planning to give mine next month. Any tips will be appricated.
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                                        Dennis Hvam

                                        Hello Deepak,


                                        I haven't taken the CWSP just yet, but working on it.


                                        Go through the list of the examen:

                                        If something looks like a killer to you, play a while with that catagory before taking the test.


                                        I got a few tips from around the different solidworks sites:


                                        1 - Understand how to use and change linked dimensions.


                                        2 - Understand how to draw in-context parts, and how to locate errors associated with in-context parts.


                                        3 - read the whole exam first! Questions might be linked some way or another.


                                        4 - Pay attention to the value of the points.


                                        5 - Keep an eye on construction lines and relations symbols.


                                        6 - Hotkeys -> If you don't use em, start doing so. Timesavers.


                                        7 - Once the test starts you can't pause it so:

                                             Have a drink or two ready

                                             Make sure you are not disturbed

                                             Go to the bathroom before starting


                                        8 - Organize your screen. Don't flip through 5 pages by CTRL+TAB.


                                        9 - Save a copy of the part at every question (If SW crashes you are not completly screwed)


                                        10 - Make sure that CTRL and S is working on your current keyboard!


                                        11 - You might want to change your backup options before starting the test. maybe to a secluded folder. Also you might wanna change your autosave options.

                                        Everything helps.



                                        Ups I thought that you were taking yours. but you are giving


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                                          Tom Puttkammer

                                          hi Deepak,

                                          this is from a while ago but i was wondering how your CSWP Surfacing Test went?

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                                    Christopher Thompson

                                    I have just taken the CSWP Surfacing test again (ran out of time on the first exam), and passed the exam with two remaining questions unanswered (ran out of time again). As previously mentioned, you really need to be mentally prepared for this exam. It would also help to have two monitors (one for exam questions, and one for SolidWorks) as I had to flip back & forth on my laptop.


                                    I have some questions after passing this CSWP Surfacing exam:


                                    • SolidWorks does verify my certificate ID when entered, so why is my name not listed under the CSWP Surfacing, or the CSWA as I have passed both exams recently? I was able to download the certificates without problem.


                                    • Will I receive a CSWP Surfacing & CSWA logo from SolidWorks to post on my website?


                                    As I mentioned, I am currently off SW maintenance, and plan to resume maintenance as the economy improves and my cash flow increases. Unfortunately, I cannot attend SW World this year although I plan to next year if possible.

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                                      David Matula

                                      why why why worry about a test....the proof is in the pay check that you know what your doing....u expect the boss to give you a pay raise?  expect people to knock down your door looking for you to come and work for them?