CSWP-Surfacing Sample Exam

Discussion created by 1-KQFZZU on Jul 11, 2009
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Been working with Solidworks since 2000 and mainly design solid components, sheet metal, and weldments. I'm relatively new when it comes to working with surfaces but have completed the SW tutorial and messed around with some of the files from the "Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling Book" The sample exam asks to create a side surface either using Swept Surface or Surface Fill and states the side surface should follow the contour of the "footprint" in sketch picture. I'm attempting to use swept surface but can not get the lower profile to use as a guide curve. The 3 deg plane was no problem. If someone could explain how to do this using swept surface it would be greatly appreciated. And if it isnt too much to ask, how would one go about creating this surface using surface fill. Thanks in advance.

The exam can be downloaded from this link.