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Active Directory question

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Jul 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2009 by Matt Lombard
Can someone, in really small words, describe Active Directory for me? I've tried to get it, but I just don't understand what it does or why you want to use it.

Wikipedia says this about it:


There is a common misconception that Active Directory provides software distribution. Software distribution is run by a separate service that uses additional proprietary schema attributes that work in conjunction with the LDAP protocol. Active Directory does not automate software distribution, but provides a mechanism by which other services can provide software distribution.

How is Active Directory different from Administrative Install for SW deployment? I get that it is only available on a Server OS, so I can't actually set it up on my home or business license OSs.

Again, I need an explanation in really small words. I just don't get what it does or what you would use it for.