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    Creating blocks to be inserted into drawings

    Josh Hunsberger
      Ok so i recently started working on an old SW project that someone lese started. I have the need to create some new Welding notes which describe what aws standard to follow and what welds are critical and how they are inspected.

      Does everyone edit the sheet format and insert the block there (that way it is not selectable when working with the drawing views and dims)? do you create your note in a drawing, then make it a block so you can insert it in other drawings? Is there a good description on how to creat e blocks in SW. i ahve done a few but dont have a full understanding of them. Any help would be appreciated.
        • Creating blocks to be inserted into drawings
          Charles Culp
          The only thing that goes on our sheet format, is things automatically loaded by the sheet format. Notes just go on the regular sheet. I never use "edit sheet format" except for at the beginning of new releases to update my templates.

          Automatic BOMs, Automatic Revision Tables, and Notes all go on top.

          There are plenty of people who have standard blocks for things like standard notes. What part of creating blocks are you having trouble with? Generally I just create the sketch/note on the first drawing, then select everything, and chose Tools>Block>Make. THen if I want to use it in other drawings, with that block still selected, I go to Tools>Block>Save...

          Note that you can also get to these menus with the right-click options. Right click on a group of objects, and you can "make block". Right click on any block and you get all of the block options, including "save block".
            • Creating blocks to be inserted into drawings
              Josh Hunsberger
              Have you ever went and opened up one of your blocks that is made up of notes, mine the sketch looks nothing like the block and is hard to edit. anyway my main problem is i am using the tack scheduler to batch plot/export anywhere from 5-150 SWDRW's to PDF files. now for some reason some of my weld notes push the text over into the title block, the way the PDF appears is the way it looks when i first open the drawing but shortly after opening it, the weld note (block) fixes itself like it should be. i am trying to figure out why the block appears goofy for a short time while the file loads, didnt know if it was how i am creating them or something.
            • Creating blocks to be inserted into drawings
              Wayne Tiffany
              Keep in mind that if you put stuff on the sheet format and then later want to reload or replace the sheet format with an updated or different one, then those things go away.

              A note on blocks - I always make sure that I create the block on a drawing sheet that is set to 1:1 scale. Otherwise it can do funny things to your block when you edit it.