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    "View" drop down menu

    Mike Lydon
      I find it very annoying, and wasteful of my time, that whenever I need to turn off, or turn on things like "show sketches", "planes", temporary axes", etc. that I have to pick ONE and the dialog disappears, then I have click on "View" again for every item I wnat to turn on or turn off. I think the dialog box should stay active and let me check or uncheck ALL the items I would like to turn off or turn on, then make those changes and close the dialog box when I click outside the dialog box. Am I the only one that finds this behavior annoying?

      Mike Lydon
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          Jim Wilkinson
          Hi Michael,

          This is standard Microsoft behavior for menus for which our developers unfortunately have no control over. That is why in SolidWorks 2008 we introduced the Hide/Show Items flyout button on the Heads Up View toolbar at the top of the graphics area. We do have control over behavior of toolbars (in fact, this is a very custom one) and can therefore allow multiple selections. Note that this button is also available under the View category in Tools, Customize, Commands so you can place it on any toolbar you like.

          I hope this helps.

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              Mike Lydon

              I understand you may have no control over it, that doesn't make it any less annoying. I have not used the Hide/Show Items flyout on the HUD, but I will try that. It seems like it will do what I want. Thanks for the "heads up".