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    Inventor 11 import fails

      I have Education version 2009 SP 4 on a Dell Precision 390 64 bit. The video card and computer pass all Solidworks tests.

      I have Inventor 11 installed on the same machine in the 32 bit program folder. When I try the first Inventor file of the day it fails with and unsupported warning. The second try always succeeds. Other Inventor files may fail the first try or open the first time. I haven't seen a discernible pattern.

      Anyone else have these problems? Any ideas?
        • Inventor 11 import fails
          Lenny Bucholz
          the file open Inventor or any of them is doing an internal translation of the inventor code.....how many times have wars been started from a bad translation...just having fun.

          are the files on the same hard drive? does your hard drive go to sleep? how many programs do you have running? sometimes long file names will cause an issue or a very long folder steam, like C:/x/y/u/nm/de/23/87/e/2efb/file name, but your names might be longer just an example. do you drag and drop the inventor file for exploer into the SW window? all these things could make the problems you are having.
          • Inventor 11 import fails
            Anna Wood
            Are you trying to open the Inventor files in Inventor or SolidWorks?

            • Inventor 11 import fails
              I'm opening them from a network drive that is mapped to the computer. I am opening Inventor in Solidworks. It might be the network drive. I'll have to store some files locally and see if that fixes it.