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Discussion created by PHOENIX PRODUCTS on Jul 8, 2009
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Having used the SW 2009 task scheduler to mass export as PDFs, we were disappointed for the following reasons:
1. Every file is re-exported, even if a current PDF already existed. (We only wanted updated and new files to be converted.)
2. A "Pro" license was in use whenever the task scheduler was running.
3. A separate job had to be scheduled for each and every subfolder.

So using a bit of scripting and the snippet that was in SW API help, I tailored a macro to fit our needs. You may edit it for you particular situation.

In a nutshell, this macro:
1. loops through our drawing subdirectories and compares timestamps of drawings with their PDF counterparts (in a different location)
2. If the PDF is outdated, or does not exist, then the drawing is opened, exported as a PDF, and closed.
3. The macro closes SW when finished, but you could remove this line if you want to run-on-demand (menu or toolbar, for example). We use the Windows task scheduler to run the macro at the end of every weekday, so it was necessary to close SW and free-up the seat.

Open SW and create a macro with the text from the attached file. It is in plain text (had to zip it for the forum to accept it).

To use from the command line or Windows task scheduler:
Run SW executable with "/m macroname.swp"

This script is as-is, with no liability assumed on my part. Use or modify at your own risk.

Tim Yogerst
Network Administrator
Phoenix Products Company