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Problem Saving Files

Discussion created by Ben Gnan on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2010 by 1-ESK2U9
I've encountered a sudden problem with Solidworks, once I create a new model and attempt to save everything goes as normal; click save as, save dialog pops up, select location, click save. But then when I goto the location where the file should be it is not there and solidworks acts like I never clicked the save button asking me if I want to save the file when I try to close it, or create a drawing.

Also tried opening an existing model and saving it, to the same effect, it will not save any changes, and I get no error messages?!

It worked fine this morning, the only odd thing that happened since it was working was I had closed out the program, then opened it again. it opened twice though and showed a journal creation error

Any ideas? Was about to do a re-install, but thought maybe you all might have encountered this before.