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Local Support Sucks

Question asked by Matthew Becker on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2009 by Kelvin Lamport
I am wondering if anyone else really dislikes their local reseller who they are forced to use for tech support? The people I deal with are clueless about Active Directory Deployments. I tried calling SolidWorks directly, but just get the canned answer that I need to deal with my local reseller.

I really think SolidWorks needs to rethink this support policy. I have yet to run into any local provider that is up to speed with deployment for any product my company owns.

Now that my rant is over, here was the question I posed:

I currently have 10 seats of SolidWorks 2009 SP3 deployed and I would like to deploy SP4 via active directory. I was wondering which Windows Installer global property to use that will allow me to do an upgrade that will retain the current user settings on each local computer. I also need the group policy to properly deploy the latest version to new computers. I do not want to keep three or four multi-gigabyte installations sitting around on the server.

Do I set SWMIGRATE equal to the previous version? Do I set SWSPUPGRADE=1

Will setting either of the above options cause problems for deployments to new computers that do no have SolidWorks installed?

I basically got the "Deer in Headlights" silence on the other end. Meaning they had no clue what I was talking about.

Has anyone here solved this issue? The documentation is not clear on what effect this will have. I would prefer to not have to spend the next day testing this to figure it out.