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Other ways to view workflows

Discussion created by Ian Vivero on Jul 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2009 by 1-A5CHD1
I have been developing several workflows for the various document types that get kicked around here and one thing I have found is that while each one has its own unique flow, many of the steps within that flow are if not totally identical then at least largely similar. The issue I have now is that while I had enough sense to make a single workflow that I exported out, then imported several times as a base model for the remaining flows, there are a few things that I missed in the original one that I now have to add to all of them or else start the whole process over again. Either way its going to take a while and I'm ok with that. The question is, can I somehow print out the various states and transitions along with their associated conditions, actions, etc. in a list or expanded form so that I can more easily compare each of the flows to make sure I didn't miss something. I know I can print the workflow itself as a graphical flow chart but that doesn't give me any of the details I need. And while I can expand the states, the real need is to expand all the transitions except that I can only open one at a time.

I am using EPDM 2009 sp3