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    PDM or assembly linking problem


      We are having problems with our PDM vault and can't get any real answers from our VAR.

      We are creating a manual of the top assembly - breaking each sub-assy and BOM into seperate pages- top assy, top assy bom, first sub-assy, first sub-assy bom, etc. Many of these subs are on several top assemblies.

      The top assembly model has been attached to each sub-assy. When I open a valve assembly (sub-assembly) the manual and assembly model of every assembly that uses that sub is attached to the sub-assembly model and drawing and is opened at the same time so instead of six components I get eighty downloading from the vault.

      I now have sub-assys with three huge manuals/models attached that load whenever I load a sub-assy.

      My VAR says "too bad live with it" but is there any way to have the subs attached to the top assy models rather than the top assembly models attached to the subs? I thought that was how SW was supposed to be designed.
        • PDM or assembly linking problem
          To make it a bit clearer- the top assy drawing which is a multi-page SW drawing- is becoming a child of each subassy called out in the top assy model.An since the subs are used on several top assy models I may have three or four top assy drawings listed as a child of each subassy.

          SW training said make a part and add it to others to create an assy. The parts then become a child of the assy.

          With this problem the part becomes a child of the assy which becomes a child of the part which becomes a child of the assy which becomes a child of the part......

          Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? We are thinking of making an individual drawing of each subassy, printing it out, stapling it together and calling that the top assy drawing- rather then making a drawing off the top assy model ..... like you are supposed to be able to.