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    EPDM Database

    Pedro Cruz

      In our Enterprise Group we have one vault per company. We have 1 company that its database has 4 GB, another with 2 GB. It is not many gigabytes for a database?
      The biggest problem is that now I cannot administrate EPDM in these two companies because, for example, when I change permissions, or add an user, or change a data card... block EPDM in entire company (block vault of the company where i'm doing changes).

      I would like to know if someone has already confronted with this problem. I need to find a solution for this problem because I only can do changes in EPDM at night when no one is working in EPDM. SolidWorks TEAM is for 3 months studing the problem but I with no answers until now. Someone have any idea?

      Pedro Cruz
      PDM Admin - Martifer