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Don't manage to have Standard Libraries to work correctly

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2009 by David Demaria
Dear all,
I don't know why, but can't get the Standard Libraries to function correctly.

I have a server where is installed PDM workgroup server SW09 SP3.0
I have several client SW09 SP2.1 and other SP3.0

On the server, I set "D:\Local\" to contains standard libraries in the Standard Libraries tab in the Vault Admin GUI. I disable the check-in feature there.

On the Client side, I map the D:\Local\ folder of the server as "P:\"
Then, on SW, I added "P:\" in my Design Library. This folder is containing standard parts like motors, brackets, cylinder that I frequently use. I can then have access for all those part with a single drag and drop.

The problem is that when I check-in my assemblies to the PDM, it will also check-in parts contained in the P:\ which should not be the case.

Is there something that I set wrong?

I contacted my VAR and in a preliminary stage, they could not reproduce my bug. Did I missed something?

I tried a multitude of different file name in the Standard Libraries tab in the Vault Admin. I also tried a lot of different case. Taking file from the Design Library, making it in a local drive... etc...

Each time I checkin document, it will also check in the Design Library parts.

How do you guys work around that?