Christopher Swallows

Toolbox part numbers with custom BOM.

Discussion created by Christopher Swallows on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2009 by Craig Sink
I'm trying to set up toolbox at our company and have ran into an obstacle.

We use a custom BOM for all our drawings. Each fastener has is it's own file and our custom BOM pulls a static link from the fastener's custom properties "PartNo" property name we create. (Yes I know this is the worst way to do it) But I came into this storm. I'm just trying to fix this spreading "virus" we have.

My question is how to I set up the toolbox parts to have that PartNo property set to populate our custom BOM correctly? I do know you can set up the user properties to create a new part number every time you add a new part to an assembly? But, is that smart to use in a multi-user environment. Will it use that part again you create the next time you use it? Plus that seems like a lot of work and extra file space we don't need.