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    SW 2009 SP4 View Issues

    Jason Corl
      I frequently use "tile horizontal" to view 2 parts for comparison etc. I noticed that in SP4 I'm experiencing a weird thing with the views of the parts.

      yesterday I had 2 parts up and both editing a sketch. When I clicked in one window the other would switch to solid view so I couldn't see the sketch! When I clicked back the sketch re-appeared. It was weird that only the bottom window was doing this, the top stayed in the sketch view even when clicking back in the lower window.

      Now today i'm simply viewing the same 2 parts on my screen (not editing sketch). When I switch back and forth between windows the views change to their previous state.

      I can recreate this by un-focusing off the SW window (dual monitors) then refocus on either top or bottom part and the views jump all around.

      I can go farther into explaingin exactly what its doing but that will get long. can someone else please check this bug and let me know if they see it. If so I will write a more detailed account and submit a SPR to my "VAR"

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          Neil Larsen
          wasnt able to generate that issue when checking here - have FX570 + single 27" lcd though
          possibly its a graphics or spacepilot driver issue rather than SW,
          I dont think Win7 is supported yet by SW

          did you really mean tile horizontal across 2 mons? and not tile vertically?
          that would be 2 very wide thin strips...?...

          if you think its SW and reproduceable - or at least on your hardware set up by all means report it
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            Christopher Mueller
            I was able to reproduce this behavior on my machine. I also have the FX 1700 and am running Win 7 64 bit, thought I don't have a spaceball installed, so that must be ruled our. Graphics driver is