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Adding branch splices to electrical routes

Question asked by Scott Biba on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by Scott Biba
Could someone explain a good method to add branch splices to electrical routes? I have wire harnesses for a trailer that start out as 6 wires. Along its length some of the wires in the harness split into various Y connections, etc.
The attached image shows a schematic that show 2 of the harnesses in question.
The first harness contains all the wire colors and I have the green with a branch connection. At the point of the split all the wires are together and represented by one 3d sketch and I have the green branches coming off from an intersection point in the sketch.
The second harness is just the blue and gray (white) wires from the connector represented by a rectangle routed to the brakes (blue boxes). There is a T connection there on both the blue and white. This route is defined by one T shaped 3d sketch.
Do I just put a single connector at the intersection point and connect my 3d sketch to either end of it? How do I do that without it thinking that I am adding an additional route? I would like to simply insert it into the existing 3d sketch.
I tried breaking the 3d sketch and inserting the connector to the "base of the T". Then adding the other 2 lines to the other end of the connector. But it doesn't like that.
And I want the wires that run alongside it that don't split to follow the path as normal.
Can't find anything in help or online that relates.