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Lost cosmetic threads

Question asked by Don Aldridge on Jul 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2009 by Charles Culp
We have SW on a network here at work and recently changed so that my computer was the primary computer. Ever since that change I have not been able to get cosmetic threads to show up in the drawings.

When I draw a part and want to add a cosmetic thread I right click on the surface where I want the thread, the appearance callout menu appears and I select the texture box next to the face option. This is the way I have always did this. The cosmetic threads show up fine on the part but if I want them to be on one of the views in the demensional drawing they will not show up, even if I try to print a copy of just the part the threads disappear.

The thing that appears to be different or I never noticed it before is in the appearance callout menu the fourth option is the part number, I thought the box next to the part number under the color palette was always x'ed out, but now it shows a color has been selected. I can change the color but I can't remove it so the box is x'ed out, even by going to the color and optics menu and selecting remove all colors. Maybe that has nothing to do with my problem and it's something I just never noticed before. Another clue may be I noticed when I go to the file index to look for a part and expand the views instead of looking by part number the cosmetic threads are not in the thumb nail view.

I have even opened an old drawing and tried to print it and the cosmetic threads did not show up, even though I have printed proof they showed up before. And after doing that now the threads on that old part no longer show up in the thumb nail view.

Anyway to me it seems like some "electronic switch" got flipped during the computer switch and I just need to figure out how to get back to the original setting. Any idea's?