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Better performance to have more sketches or Features.

Question asked by Meg Shant on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2009 by Meg Shant
Hi Guys,

In an attempt to perfect our modeling as we progress at our company, I was stumped while thinking about this. I'd do a search but I dont know what to search for. I wam looking for ways to better our building and increase the performance of assemblies. By performance I mean load time, save time, etc.


Is it better to have an assy made up of parts with many features or many sketches? Merely for sake of example, to create a Wire (without the routing in SW), some designers like to make about a half dozen sketch segments and individual sweeps to make a cable routed around components. On the other hand I like to design using 1 complex 3d sketch and 1 sweep to get the same effect.

So, is solidworks more "sketch" friendly or "feature" friendly... Does it make sense?

- Shant