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Using a date variable for a transition condition

Question asked by Ian Vivero on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2009 by 1-A5CHD1
Still not up and running yet and we keep finding more and more things that don't seem to want to work right.

This time its a transition condition that I am trying to get to function properly. Our approval process requires that each document goes through several departments for review before the change is accepted and given a new revision. To simplify this process as much as possible I have altered our data cards to provide two fields for each department to fill in once they have reviewed and approved a document. These fields are then checked by a transition condition before the document is allowed to move on to the next stage. The first is a simple name field with two conditions to check for proper entry both of which are working fine.

The second field is a date variable and is governed by a condition that checks to ensure the date entered is valid. In this case, as their are very few options to format this condition with, I have opted to set the condition to look for a date that is later than an arbitrary date prior to our implementation. While this is less than ideal it works for now. The problem is that it doesn't work. No matter what I enter as a date for approval I get the same error message "Transition conditions on file 'filename' are not met". The only way I have been able to move past this is to delete the condition that checks the date variable. Currently the condition is formatted as follows:

type: variable, variable name: eng. approval date, argument: >6/01/09, argument type: date