FX2700 - Old or new??

Discussion created by 1-2G5I9Y on Jun 29, 2009
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Hi there,

Looking to get a desktop replacement laptop so I have the option of working from home. Currently looking at the HP 8730w. I note that it has the nvidia FX2700 graphics card - is this a current card? I had a look on the relatively unhelpful systems/graphics card requirements area of the solidworks site and only got confused. If I search by nvidia it doesn't come up but if I search by HP it does.

Can anyone tell me if this card is on it's way out? I only ask because I have been burnt before - I purchased a top of the line sony laptop a while back and the ATI graphics card was supported, but when the next soliworks release came out there was no longer any support for the card. I don't want to find that when SW 2010 comes out there is no support for this card and its compatibillity with a new release.

Any other info on this laptop would be greatly appreciated.

New Zealand