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Toshiba's laptops

Question asked by Mark A on Jun 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by Russ Johnston
I read most of forums about laptops and SW.
I don't know why, but major players on this market is HP, Lenovo and Dell.
All of them has theirs issues. My questsion, what about Toshiba laptops? Toshiba knows as good and realable player on electronic market. I tryed to founfd data about theirs laptops- almost no negative answers.
Who has expirience with Toshiba Laptop?
Line Tecra sounds, like build for Solidworks. But the problem, in SW site nobody compare theirs laptops. Or i missed something?
Please, very need to buy laptop. Almost consider myself for Toshiba (Quadro grafic card, good processor, excellent monitor., and teh price!...)
Who has expirience with Toshiba, what is cons and pros for theirs laptops?