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    Fillet help

      How do I get this fillet on my part?

      I do not want it to include the red face, I am selecting the edge that is highlighted in green these are the only two faces I want the fillet on,
      The other picture shows my end results that I do not want where the blend goes past the step in the part. I tried splitting the faces and still get the same results.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          Tim Turpin
          I believe you will always get the end reult shown using just the fillet feature. From my understanding of you desired results, you want the fillet only to be on the two adjacent faces and only to be the length of the line. With this solidworks would need to create a NEW flat face underneath the red face and I don't believe it can do that.

          You can accomplish your desires in (2) ways -
          a) use a CUT feature rather than a fillet feature.
          b) cut back the top red face beyond where the tangent edge of the fillet would be. Use fillet command to add fillet. Then add extrusion to recreate what was cut off.

          a) is best option in my opinion.

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            Lenny Bucholz
            go to surface tools, click the delete face icon ,then delete and patch check circle.

            oh ya pick the red face to delete
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              Kevin De Smet
              I made a mock part simulating the situation you have there, and I've found a face fillet with a hold line using that available edge works great. Plus, this makes it easily and fully associative. Change your part and it won't go over, and it won't stop short.

              Here's a screengrab: