Ribbon cable does not appear in electrical BOM

Discussion created by 1-GAFNP9 on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Jeroen te Braake

I have built a ribbon cable and made a drawing of it from the flatten route. When I insert the electrical BOM, I only see the configuration name of the cable ''Default'' in the part number column and nothing else appear. It looks like the referenc to the cable library is not done, Is anybody have an idea what could be the problem?

I have built many flat cable before and no problem occur, I don't see any reason why the BOM is not related to the cable library this time.

Another question. Is somebody can tell me why I always get a star in the balloon instead of the item number in the cable drawing even if I uncheck the case '' exclude from BOM's'' in the cable parts. I just want to put balloon on my cable drawing an all the cable show a star instead of the item number... Any clue?