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EPDM Performance

Discussion created by Jeffrey Deopere on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by Ian MacPherson
OK guys, is anyone doing work offshore and managing thru EPDM?

EPDM 2008 SP4/ SW2008SP5

I have my DBase/Archive server in Denison, TX and archive servers in India, Tulsa-OK,and Acuna-Mexico. The performance is acceptable to Tulsa and Acuna. India on the other hand is another story all together.

I realize the latency to India is part of the equation but testing with a 1MB file- check in is 3 minutes. It takes just as long to transition from one workflow state to another. so from Initial check in, check, approve, and transition to the US workflow takes 12 minutes extra per file. Now imagine a large assembly and you can see the pain our team is feeling.

I have a VPN tunnel connection on its own T1 with no competing traffic. I have reviewed and am following all the networking suggestions from SolidWorks and our VAR.

Anyone else seeing this? The India group is becoming irritated to say the least...

Sorry if this has been addressed before but with the wonderful search capability...