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    EPDM Performance

    Jeffrey Deopere
      OK guys, is anyone doing work offshore and managing thru EPDM?

      EPDM 2008 SP4/ SW2008SP5

      I have my DBase/Archive server in Denison, TX and archive servers in India, Tulsa-OK,and Acuna-Mexico. The performance is acceptable to Tulsa and Acuna. India on the other hand is another story all together.

      I realize the latency to India is part of the equation but testing with a 1MB file- check in is 3 minutes. It takes just as long to transition from one workflow state to another. so from Initial check in, check, approve, and transition to the US workflow takes 12 minutes extra per file. Now imagine a large assembly and you can see the pain our team is feeling.

      I have a VPN tunnel connection on its own T1 with no competing traffic. I have reviewed and am following all the networking suggestions from SolidWorks and our VAR.

      Anyone else seeing this? The India group is becoming irritated to say the least...

      Sorry if this has been addressed before but with the wonderful search capability...

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          Ben Kalinowski
          We have offices in Europe and Asia. It seemed unrelated at the time, but we found our anti-virus was set to scan only our local hard drives, but of course, EPDM is installed on C:, so our AV was scanning the vault and new files as they passed by.

          Its a long shot, but check to be sure IT excludes your vault from any scanning.
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              Richie Yosten
              You mentioned that the transitions take just as long. If you are writing data to a variable during a state change it is my understanding that the file is checked out ,data is written to the db/file and checked back in "behind the scenes" to do so...so the performance would match a checkin/out funtion.

              We started out as a totally distributed work force...so when we were a small company each of us relied on our own internet connection at our residences. Anyone with broadband access didn't complain much, obviously the better the connection the less complaints...but the dial-up and sat internet people basically couldn't use the system. We have had some users travel to Europe and reported slower but acceptable performance.

              If someone reported issues from a distant location I always asked that they test their connection to the "home" area by going to www.speedtest.net and selecting a test server near our data center. If this test shows poor performance then it just comes down to pure "bad luck" with the path the data has to travel from A to B. Some connections seem great for just browsing web pages because of burst speed or proxies but when you drag a file across the web you see just how good your connection actually is.

              I forgot to add...if your connection is reliable but slow from A to B a replicated archive server at the remote location is something to consider.
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              Only the metadata should be moving across the T1, so it should not take that long. Are you sure the users in India are using the local vault and not the one in Denison?
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                  Gene Mercer
                  As Wayne has stated, to my understanding the metadata or SQL transactions should be the only thing moving across the water. While these can take a little longer than normal our performance to China was acceptable. If, however, the users are configured to use the TX or OK vaults instead of the India local server then yes you will have a lot of problems with lag.

                  With EPDM 2008 you may also be experiencing issues with replication as well which may be what you are seeing and just not realizing it. 2008 will often clog on the replication server due to low bandwidth conditions. We used to have a weekly reboot on the remote side to clear the replication and get it going again.

                  Gene Mercer
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                      Ian MacPherson
                      I've heard (although not tested as we haven't yet installed) that the web server potentially works better than a VPN connection for remote users.

                      I don't know how that works with replicated Archive servers... i.e. if you can access the local file vault over the web server.