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Pdm works error

Question asked by Brian McElmury on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2009 by David Demaria
SW09 sp1 on vault. Two systems on SP3.0 (95% users) other systems are 5% users which are network lic. are using sp1.0. A user running 09 sp1.0 same version of the vault wants move a file from one project folder to another project folder. He has ownership of all the files. Goes thru the process and gets a message saying; error you do not have write access to this project. Please try another project or press cancel. Since than I have logged into his system as administrator and tried with same error. I have also tried on my system getting the same error. I have checked permissions and he has read write access to all the projects. I also backup the vault, and stopped and restarted the vault to validate vault at start up with the same results as before. I have been in contact with our Var and know solutions. Under globel settings the following are checked: Keep extra copy of latest files, Allow users tyo create sub projects, allow attachments to documents owned by others to use, Allow users to remane documents in the vault and bind ownership to Solidworks read-write/read only access.

Any thoughts?