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    drawing template 2nd page not correct

      I created a drawing template. However, when I add the 2nd page, the sheet format is not as the same as the 1st page.

      Anything wrong during my template creation or I need to manually change it? thanks.
        • drawing template 2nd page not correct
          Matthew Lorono
          You likely did not save the sheet 1 sheet format so that the template would know to point to the correct file name for the sheet format.
          • drawing template 2nd page not correct
            Ricky Gutierrez
            i agree with matt
            Open up your template goto file save sheet format as and save your sheet format. If you saved the sheet format in a location that is predefined in your file location settings it will appear on the list for updating the sheet format when you rmb / properties the drawing sheet. If it has been saved in a proper location you can then rmb the sheet, goto properties and update the sheet format with the one you just saved. Once that is done save your updated layout as your drawing template. Now when you open a new drawing and add a page the sheet format should go with it.