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    Inventor to solidworks

    Greg Willard
      I am a long time Inventor user. My Company would like me to switch to solid works. I have a library that I have built up over the years of about 5000 parts. All with bill of material data. I have solid works 2009 and Inventor 2010. Solid works opens the Inventor 2010 files and Assemblies with no problem. Only the Item number and description is gone. Does solid works have a solution for this? If I were to make the switch I would be entering this data for the next few years.

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          Lenny Bucholz
          as with any major software change, imported data is just a dumb solid and that is it. so your kind of SOL, you might beable to coupy and paste if Inventor uses excel.

          what most company's do in this situation is keep Inventor for the legacy file and SW for all new files, then when you need a file from Inventor, then do the work you need.
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            Hello Greg,


            We are changing from Inventor 2008 to Solidworks 2009 and also have the need of transfering the Inventor assemblies to Solidworks.


            With exporting the assemblies from Inventor as a step 203-file and importing them into Solidworks we can get the assembly structure with the original part numbers. However there are still the part descriptions missing in the custom properties of the parts and in the BOM of the assembly.


            When I checked the step-files it seemed that the part description didn't get exported. 


            Do you have any news concerning this problem?



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                Lenny Bucholz



                You will never get any thing but what the part name was from the other solidmodeler, Inventor or whatever, because the translators only grab the partname but not what is a interanal function of your old software. You will get the parts where they belong in 3D space, what they are called, but that is it. There are no mates, custom proporties or other items that reiside inside of said software.


                I know it sucks, but the translaters are bought, not made, buy SW, Inventor, Catia, ProE and are jut a simple way to get data between other systems.

                What most companies do is keep an old seat of the software for old projects and start using SW for day foward designing, then when a part may be needed, bring it over via transfer and/or rebuild it or use featureworks to make it smart again.


                agian and again you will here the term DUMB, looks like a solid, is a solid but it's not smart.



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                    Thanks for the information.


                    The situation we have is  that many machines are already existing in Inventor and most newer machines base on those designs. To avoid rebuilding all the existing parts in Solidworks to have the neccessary information, and still switching to designing the newer machines in SW we really need to find an established transfer process. 


                    I'll keep looking around.



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                  Both Inventor and SolidWorks have open API. I do not know where Inventor stores this BOM information, but SolidWorks stores it in custom properties. You could contract a good programmer that knows both APIs and he could write a program to do this.
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                    Don Vanzile

                    Just read this in the what's new for 2010 and it seems to have importing of features ability if you have inventor installed on the same machine.


                    Importing Autodesk Inventor Files
                    When you import an Autodesk® Inventor® part or assembly file, you can choose to import
                    the object as a single body or import it with its features. Importing by feature provides
                    more detailed information about the original model.
                    Inventor must be installed on your computer to import features. You can import geometry
                    with Inventor Viewer installed. When you import an Inventor file, you are prompted to
                    select an import type.