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Random Solidworks issues

Question asked by Marc Clayton on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by Marc Clayton
Okay everyone here is the scoop. We have 12 Solidworks users all running an Admin install. 3 of which are running xp 64 bit. The issues that arise are all different. One user received a crash while trying to resolve a 6 piece assembly. Others just randomly crash. We keep current updates and the systems constantly cleaned off. The Drivers are Solidworks certified as well. All of the systems are T3400 or T3500. Most of the users are all running XP 32 bit. I have noticed that removing windows search helps but is never the correct answer. If anyone has any idea on a way to help out it would be most appreciated. I will try to get the Event id that shows during one of the crashes posted.