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Cannot remove toolbox properties from files...

Question asked by Ryan Beck on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2010 by Ryan Beck
As many have posted, we use a lot of NAS/MS fasteners, etc. which must be done to a certain spec and have a certain partnumber - not typically Industrial.

For things like o-rings, I had worked out a way to use the toolbox to configure a model aproximately, save it off as a part (after placement in an assembly), then run the sldsetdocprop.exe utility to turn off the toolbox "switch" and finalize the details - it used to be a fast way to model and change, etc.

Problem is that the sldsetdocprop tool seems to have stopped working on my files and I cannot get them to check into the Workgroup PDM vault.

I know that I could allow toolbox parts to be checked in through the PDMW Admin, but I do not want to mix toolbox parts into our stuff directly (by accident) by either myself or others.

I cannot find anyway to delete the toolbox "link" from the vault - except thinking that I might have to delete the whole assembly that contains any of these parts(not good at all, maybe not even possible - but might rid the reference on the vault side and then see the parts as parts again).

I am guessing that I might have to re-construct these from scratch now.