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I built a Supercomputer, SW still slow!! Why?

Question asked by Meg Shant on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by Meg Shant
Basically I'm using a Nvidia machine...

3.2GHz Quad core. 8Gb ram, (virtually) unlimited HDD.

Quardo FX4800.

Running vista 64.

Everything including SW is up to date. all drivers are off the SW website. Computer only has SW on it and HFSS.

While working on a part or assembly its sill slow and sluggish. I have vertical sync forced off, all my performance setting set to low in SW.

My assembly is about 60Mb, 530 parts, mostly hardware.
Even working on a simple part seems sluggish.

I can provide any other specs if needed. Maybe the assembly is just too large?