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    Optimization & Weldments

    Tony Gatta
      Greets all.
      Just curious -- any way to use a weldment profile as a design variable in
      optimization studies?

      What I'd like it to do is roll through a few different sized profiles during
      the optimization -- not just one or two dimensions.

      I can vary profile dimensions, but they probably won't end up being a
      standard size when the study is complete.

      Hope thats clear.
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          Derek Bishop
          Good question. I've never really looked but for what it is worth think this is unlikely.
          • Optimization & Weldments
            Tony Gatta
            I was thinking the same thing in my head but was afraid to say it out loud.

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              Bill McEachern
              Well, you can use design scenario's and just do them all and figure it out at the end or pick the nearest sizes available and consider it close enough.

              It is often a good idea to explore the computed optimal as it is an approximation based on the response surface derived from the experiments that are used to fit a polynomial surface to fit the data (the experiments) and approximate the response function. The polynomial is then differentiated and set equal to zero to find the optimum. Hope that wasn 't too wordy, sort of gave me a head ache.
                • Re: Optimization & Weldments

                  Hello all,

                  I read your answers because i am trying to find a solution to my problem and i believe you could help me..Can i optimize a design scenario?

                  I have created a parametric assembly-a part is found at different locations.

                  Do you know another way to optimize such an assembly apart from a design scenario?

                  Thanks a lot in advance!