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Flanged Pipe routing Workflow?

Question asked by 1-H70LG0 on Jun 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2009 by 1-H70LG0
I've been using the routing add on tyo Solidworks for a little while now. It's possible for me to create a route using custom fittings without too many issues arising.

In some scenarios this is perfect for the job.

However - I'd like to be able to rotate my flanges (as you would be able to in reality) and have all of my attached piping move with it. I think doing this within the route sketch is a painstaking way to go. Especially if your pipe isn't following an X, Y, or Z axis.

So I figured the best way to go would be mate all standard fittings (tees, bends, straights, tapers, valves) together in the usual way (without using routing) to give me the flexibility of being about to mate them and rotate the flanges as I please.

I figured I would just use the routing for when I create custom pipes and have each custom pipe as a superate pipe sub-assembly. I figured I would then just mate these custom pipes to the rest of my assembly as I would any other part.

This doesn't work though - can someone give me some advise please? Attached are some screenshots.