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screen lock up w/o error prompts

Discussion created by chris buttenob on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by Anna Wood
I am running SW 2009 using Nvidia FX3500 graphics card.
As of the other day, my screen locks up during simple command or rotating using spaceball. I can still use my mouse to save and open other windows. This happens less than a minute into a new session of SW.
I changed out the graphcis card with an identical card - same results no solution
I uninstalled and reinstalled SW 09 - same result no solution.
Dell tech support had updated all bios and other drivers - no solution either.
The only thing I havent done is change out the HD??

Has anyone else experienced similar issues or have other suggestions?
I have been running with no problems on this system for 2 years until thsi week.

Thanks Chris