Jason Henke

Flattening a Cable With A Connector & Back Shell

Discussion created by Jason Henke on Jun 18, 2009
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Dwight Jarrett
I have a question pertaining to flattening a cable route. So I have a cable with a back shell and connector on each end. One back shell is straight the other is 90 degrees. So I have connection points on the connectors obviously in order to make my route. But when I flatten it, only the cable and the connector shows up in the flattened state. Now I know that the back shell originally had no affiliation with the route so that's why it wasn't showing up. So I tried making it affiliated with the route. I tried putting sketches in the back shells and converting entities, I tried adding routing points. But still it will not show up in the flattened state. I've attached a zip file in this post with a few ways that I have tried without any success. Maybe someone here can enlighten me. Also one more question. One of the connectors was made as an assembly, because it has a nut on it. If I pull that assembly in it doesn't automatically start a route as if it would if it where a part. Is that normal?

Any help or advice from some routing guru's or possibly even an example would be greatly appreciated.


Windows XP 64bit SP2
SolidWorks 2009 64bit SP3.0